LLumar CTX Series™ Signal-Enabling Window Films

Offering Incredible Protection That Doesn’t Interfere with Electronics


You want custom window tinting that protects you and your passengers against UV rays and unbearable heat, but you don’t want it to interfere with your electronic devices. Your solution? LLumar CTX Series signal-enabling car window films from Pro Tint.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Armed with Ceramatrix Advanced Technology, LLumar CTX Series window tinting is a non-metallized and non-conductive ceramic film.

Offering optical clarity and remarkable style, the CTX Series provides maximum heat reduction and UV ray rejection. At the same time, its proprietary ceramic finish means it reduces the potential for signal interference that accompanies some traditional car window films. You vehicle’s electronic devices, including GPS, satellite radio, keyless entry, and mobile phone reception, will continue to work seamlessly as you drive cool and comfortable.

The LLumar CTX Series window films are available in soft, stylish charcoal shades that enhance the look of your vehicle and increase privacy for both you and your valuables inside. It also protects your interior against fading and peeling caused by the sun’s rays.


Offers Ceramatix Advanced Technology for superior style and performance

Excellent optical clarity and color stability

Available in a variety of sleek, chic charcoal shades

Maximum heat rejection – up to 60% - without electronic signal interference

Blocks 99% of UV rays and up to 94% of glare

Enhanced durability with superior scratch-resistant coating

Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty included

All LLumar CTX Series window film we install at Pro Tint in Plano is cut using PrecisionCut™ cutting technology and applied by our highly-trained window tint technicians. You get a perfect fit with every vehicle and can trust that your window film will not fade, bubble or peel for as long as you own your vehicle.

Don’t just wonder what your vehicle would look like tinted. See it for yourself with our window tint visualizer.